Average Rating: 9.161
Total Number of Votes: 6124

Why I deserve your rating: kegal exercises, peirced boobs, army chicka!

HEIGHT:  5'6" (168 cm)
HAIR COLOR:  Dyed/Mixed
AGE:  20 years old
LOCATION:   Columbia, South Carolina, U.S.

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Feb 25, 2004
DAJERIAN writes:

just one rose, it starts out small, a flower or a sign, with rain and love,it comes to know the sun,and grows in time,just one rose,it grows to know,the heart as its own signthat's why you'll find, when I look at you, it's the rose that comes to mind

Jan 29, 2004
notoriousdev writes:

absolutely stunning.... 10!

Jan 17, 2004
Ithiel writes:

What makes you so vicious, eh? I bet you're a whore!

May 13, 2003
wop writes:

your beautiful i bet your daughter is too

Mar 15, 2003
BrokenXBruised writes:


Mar 8, 2003
cyron writes:

WOW i love your hair DONT CHANGE IT its very sexy -10 check me out if ya wanna ;)

Mar 6, 2003
HaTe_MaCHiNe writes:

You most definetly are a m.i.l.f.!Hit me back!!

Mar 4, 2003
mindlessHATE writes:

whats going on there,,,i gave you a tennnn,,,you deserve it,,,you look really good,,message me back if ya want

Feb 24, 2003
Iammaximus writes:

Very Nice, I am quite impressed

Feb 23, 2003
Dakota49 writes:

What a gorgeous woman! I doubt many of these women have your beauty and I doubt the rest have your sweetness. 10 for you!

Feb 23, 2003
camiloaristy writes:

hey sexy lady, you are perfect for me. As my doctor recomends me.

Feb 19, 2003
Marcus1 writes:

Hey, hit ya with a ten sexy.

Feb 17, 2003
jfudge02 writes:

the only thing i can say is DAMN

Feb 14, 2003
RastaWeedMan writes:

10....Are you Army?

Feb 13, 2003
Blink182_2600 writes:

God I love the south....gotta love the country gurrrls. *10*

Feb 6, 2003
hateXking writes:

you are a cutie you know... whenever you lose the guy you're with now, let me know babe

Feb 4, 2003
my_hero_flea writes:

10 for you look great! :)

Jan 15, 2003
Antoni writes:

you are very sexy......NICE 10............for someone sexy and i beleve no one is perfect but you got a 10 out of me! :)

Jan 3, 2003
SpUnKiMaTiC writes:

ur a total milf, and i would love to see those pierced boobs, as u so bluntly said

Dec 26, 2002
Pj writes:

Youre very cute!! Let me know if you ever come to Texas!!!

Dec 20, 2002
luring writes:

damn. nice

Dec 12, 2002
theTownDrunk writes:

when are we gonna go fishing together? :)

Dec 8, 2002
RastaWeedMan writes:

WHOSE YO DADDY! 10 from me to you!

Dec 6, 2002
Devil writes:

*still intrigued* :D *10*

Dec 5, 2002
mikedund writes:

M.I.L.F !!! that's am understatment.

Dec 3, 2002
LOVEparade writes:


Dec 2, 2002
Marcus1 writes:

Wow, our one fine hottie, hit ya with a ten

Nov 28, 2002
HashMan69 writes:


Nov 22, 2002
thineu_wong writes:


Nov 21, 2002
toasterific writes:

pretty gurlie mmmm

Nov 21, 2002
NotAPimp writes:

Arrr!!! How vicious are ya?? Dont want my hat to get claw marks on it... it wont heal too great :)

Nov 19, 2002
LicketySplit writes:

Dam girl u fine, wish u were mine :P

Nov 17, 2002
Devil writes:

:) Beautiful. And the best part is, it's natural. *10*

Nov 14, 2002
BornLikeThis writes:

sexy lookin lady there...10. :-)

Nov 7, 2002
BrainyBlonde writes:

another 10 for you--I'd love to meet up if you like girls ;))

Jul 9, 2002
loki_is_god writes:

your hot. i love in cola too!!

Jun 19, 2002
master_bait writes:

Can I take you home with me? You are so damn fine! :)

May 17, 2002
copsn_robbers writes:


Apr 29, 2002
master_bait writes:

Hey baby! Damn you are looking so good. yum yum

Apr 11, 2002
copsn_robbers writes:

very beautiful girl.....with or without clothes.........

Apr 3, 2002
master_bait writes:

Hey cutie! Long time no talk!

Mar 26, 2002
sleepy03 writes:

you look very beautiful..... i really mean it........ i gave you a 10

Mar 26, 2002
kibbone writes:

a mother i'd like to f@#k. well your right about that

Mar 26, 2002
Phronk writes:

You are <i>such</i> a MILF. Hooray for pierced boobies and horror movies! Hooray for you!

Mar 22, 2002
Ravenlord writes:

Nice young woman with a style. I'll give you a 10 unless you tell me a reason not to, in 5 seconds. Ok too late so I give you a 10 :) Btw I don't mean to sound sex-fixed but I would live forever if you allowed me to touch those perfect boobs for a second.

Mar 21, 2002
Swedish_Angel writes:

Not bad at all.. I give you a 9. Or let's make it a 10.

Mar 18, 2002
Q_Tness writes:

prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! i think vicious kitties are very naughty.

Mar 18, 2002
bibigoogles writes:

you can totally see through your top.. hot damn

Mar 17, 2002
TheGiantOtter writes:

A "great boobs" AGAIN *roll* 10 for U babe ;)

Mar 16, 2002
Queen_Of_Darkness writes:

awesome i can see ur nipples through your shirt!!!

Mar 16, 2002
chulo_22 writes:

you are definetly a mom I'd like to fuck

Mar 12, 2002
blonde_guy_cute writes:

oh hell yeah, I'd love to sex you all over, all night......

Mar 12, 2002
AngelBlue_45 writes:

you are a hottie babes, 10 for you

Mar 12, 2002
Sk8ermusician writes:

nice nipples..i mean uh...ok thats actually what i mean

Mar 10, 2002
BIGben77 writes:

Those are some bigass nipples!!! MMMMMmmmmm!!!

Mar 8, 2002
KY_SCOTT writes:


Mar 8, 2002
LtlUsher writes:

Nice picture of you there! Send me a message sometimes on AIM s/n: LtlUsher. Take care...

Mar 8, 2002
XBRUX writes:

vicious _kitty huh ?....i think i might have to tame that pussy

Mar 8, 2002
LadyDissection writes:

all kitties rule, you're cute

Mar 5, 2002
RyanChan69 writes:

Damn girl, 10, 10 10!!! Very sexy.

Feb 26, 2002
master_bait writes:

Damn you are so sexy! *humps your leg* Take me home with you? *licks*

Feb 21, 2002
Metalhead84 writes:

FUCK!!!!!!! you are the hottest thing on the face of the earth..... i wanna lick you.... ALL ova

Feb 12, 2002
Livinitup writes:

i think i can see nipple,, yup thats nipple 4 sure,,, wipes drool ahhh nipple

Feb 8, 2002
t_dawg122 writes:


Feb 6, 2002
TheGreatestView writes:

whoa!you look so hot

Feb 6, 2002
gabbergod writes:

very nice, I'll be over to kidnap you by tomorrow....with your permission of course.

Feb 5, 2002
mrselfdestruct writes:

damn, your pics a little fuzzy, but i can still see the beuty you have, arrow

Jan 31, 2002
master_of_kink writes:

nummy nummy your a hottie~* 10*^

Jan 29, 2002
Dial_Tone writes:

can i keep you..?!?

Jan 29, 2002
FlipPimp writes:

wOaH its like two owls looking at me hehehe

Jan 24, 2002
Sancho writes:

very cute =D

Jan 24, 2002
Karma writes:

Wow, those are some big nipples you got there!

Jan 23, 2002
Drum_Wizard writes:

You are a COMPLETE and total're not a 10're like an 11, hit me

Jan 23, 2002
Drum_Wizard writes:

Very Very nice! Hit me're a 10 baby.

Jan 23, 2002
CaliBoarder writes:

Yeah! Definetetly a M.I.L.F! 10 Rating

Jan 22, 2002
tabu writes:

I'm going to take this time to say that you are hot and that Go Ask Alice is a great book HAHAHA

Jan 22, 2002
puppetz writes:

hey baby hit me up, i gave you a 10, maybe we can talk sometimes.. aim me at puppetz ebay

Jan 22, 2002
puppetz writes:

hey baby hit me up, i gave you a 10, maybe we can talk sometimes.. aim me at puppetz ebay

Jan 22, 2002
puppetz writes:

hey baby hit me up, i gave you a 10, maybe we can talk sometimes.. aim me at puppetz ebay

Jan 21, 2002
Kristopher7 writes:

meow *10* i like evil kitties : )

Jan 21, 2002
master_bait writes:

*just sits back and stares* Yum

Jan 21, 2002
meanwolf8u writes:

damn you are fine as hell.....10 for you for sure!!!!!

Jan 17, 2002
master_bait writes:

Mmmmmmm! Stopping by to clean my monitor with my tongue! I could just lick you all over! *licks*

Jan 11, 2002
Lupo writes:

Hey sweetie hope all is good. Keep looking great =)

Jan 9, 2002
Lady_artemis writes:

OMG you are looking SOOOOOOO HOT! I want you BAD!

Jan 9, 2002
master_bait writes:

I would love to try to tame you, but i doubt a kitty as vicious as you could be tamed. So damn sexy! Yum Yum Yum *licks*

Jan 9, 2002
CA3LE6UY writes:


Jan 9, 2002
Drifter writes:


Jan 7, 2002
Kristopher7 writes:

u are H O T!!! 10

Jan 7, 2002
Robert17_mtl writes:

its always good when u see a girls nipples through her shirt thats so damn sext 10 for u babe!!!

Jan 5, 2002
master_of_kink writes:

your soo nummy!! : )

Jan 3, 2002
shamus writes:

ciao bella!!! and yes you are a m.i.l.f.!!!

Dec 19, 2001
operationstar writes:


Dec 5, 2001
ElectroManifiesto writes:

I go over, or u come over? love guitar as well and drumz =)

Dec 5, 2001
ElectroManifiesto writes:

So when do i start to hump?

Dec 2, 2001
Bigwig4daworld10 writes:

U must of stolen the stars and set em in your eyes. U blind me with your smile >;)~ Check me out I just joind so It might take a while but who knows Sparks Could Fly!!

Nov 27, 2001
HotGUY911 writes:

you are so ugly! i'm at school now and all my friends also think your ugly.... call me

Nov 21, 2001
Lady_artemis writes:

Why get stranded on an island, what if I was there, then It would be fun. MEOW

Nov 8, 2001
vexation10000 writes:

Baddd kitty bad, bad, bad, kitty

Nov 5, 2001
AcidStars writes:

i can say the exact same for you girly!!! *10*

Nov 5, 2001
brutalmix writes:

you have an adorable face.

Nov 5, 2001
Gnomish_Mouse writes:

Cutie! 10 for you! Mrow! =)

Oct 25, 2001
playswithfire writes:


Oct 22, 2001
RoBZoMbIE writes:

Add another 10 and not just cause the lady said so, I think yer pretty hot 2,:-)

Oct 22, 2001
Lady_artemis writes:

YIPPIE I get to be your first vote, and your first 10, hopefully not the last

Oct 22, 2001
Lady_artemis writes:

MILF + 10 sexy, you're on my list.


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